The new face of Dior is Deva Cassel, who steals the show

Dior wants to tell you some very important news! A model and actor from Italy named Deva Cassel was recently hired as their new face for all things fashion and beauty.

Let me introduce you to Deva Cassel, the rising star.

Even though she is only 19, Deva Cassel is already making a name for herself in the fashion world. Since her parents are actress Monica Bellucci from Italy and actor Vincent Cassel from France, she has a lot of ties to the film business. Deva is not just following in the famous footsteps of her parents, one runway at a time; she is making her own way in the fashion business. coinqqslot

As Dior puts it, “The Newest Muse”

In April, Deva will make her appearance for Dior. Get ready to see her in action! She will play out her parts in the summer 2024 campaign for Dior Makeup, where she will show off all the newest beauty trends. Not only that, but she also walks the runway for Dior’s women’s fashion lines, where she shows off her unique style.

In order to get the Dior Seal of Praise,

Deva Cassel is seen as the epitome of beauty and confidence by the fashion house Dior. We couldn’t agree with you more! With her stunning good looks and sparkling charm, it’s clear that she is the perfect fit for the high-end brand. coinqqslot

From the catwalks to the big screen, this is Deva’s story.

Seeing Deva in public is nothing new for her. In the year 2020, she got her start in the beauty business by being in the Dolce & Gabbana Shine fragrance campaign. She has been the center of interest on the catwalks for high-end fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Coperni, Jacquemus, Courrèges, and Alberta Ferretti ever since. But wait, there’s more! Deva is also starting her playing career by appearing in the drama “La Bella Estate” for the first time in 2023. She will also be appearing in the Netflix show “The Leopard” later this year, as if that wasn’t enough déjà vu. We call this a triple threat! coinqqslot

Being related to the Dior family

Deva is not the only young gun that Dior has in their collection. She is following in the footsteps of singer Willow Smith, who has been doing everything she can to be great as Dior’s makeup ambassador. The beauty section of Dior is in good hands now that Deva is a part of it.

Finally, it looks like the future will be good.

As Deva Cassel becomes the newest muse for Dior, she not only represents a brand, but she also represents a whole new age of style and sophistication. This rising star is so smart and attractive that there are no limits to what she can do. I want to raise a glass to Deva, Dior’s newest beauty icon, and the great things that are yet to come!