How Often Should You Have Sex Fun with Your Partner?

Katherine Ryan’s Schedule and What It Means for You Sex It’s something we all wonder about but might not talk about much. Ever wondered how often you should be getting cozy with your partner? Well, Katherine Ryan, a funny lady, shared something surprising. She said she does it “exactly twice a month.” But does that mean you should too? Let’s break it down.

Who’s Katherine Ryan Anyway?

Katherine Ryan is a comedian who’s not shy about sharing her life. When she said she and her partner have fun twice a month, it got people talking. Some thought it was cool, while others wondered if it’s right for everyone.

Is There a Perfect Number?

Should you copy Katherine and plan two times a month too? Maybe not. Every couple is different. What works for Katherine might not work for you and your partner.

Quality Beats Quantity

Instead of worrying about numbers, think about how good your time together is. Whether it’s twice a month or twice a day, what matters is that you both feel happy and good about it.

Talk It Out

Katherine and her partner figured out what works for them by talking sex. If you’re not sure how often you should have fun, talk to your partner about it. It’s okay to talk about these things!

Things to Think About

When deciding how often to have fun, think about:

  • Your Schedule
    Are you both busy? That might affect how often you can have fun.
  • How You Feel
    Everyone feels differently about it. If you and your partner don’t feel the same, you might need to find a middle ground.
  • Your Health
    Your body and mind affect how much you feel like having fun. If you have any health issues, that could change things.
  • Your Relationship
    How strong your connection is outside of the fun times matters too. A good relationship can make fun times even better.

Finding What Works

There’s no right or wrong answer. Find what feels good for both of you. Whether it’s twice a month, twice a week, or something else, as long as you both feel happy after sex, that’s what’s important.

In Summary

What’s the┬álesson from Katherine Ryan‘s story? It’s not about copying her schedule. It’s about knowing that every couple is different. Instead of worrying about numbers, focus on talking with your partner, having good times, and making sure you both feel happy and good about it. Whether it’s twice a month or any other amount, as long as you both feel happy and good, that’s what matters most lifestyle.